How To Win Sweepstakes Draws Effectively

Win Sweepstakes Draws EffectivelyThere are people who make it look so easy to win sweepstakes prizes and then there are the unlucky ones. It is true that pure luck is the major attribute in winning sweepstakes draws but frequent winners use smart tactics to improve their odds. You can dramatically increase your chances to win by creating a plan to enter sweepstakes intelligently. Here are top insider tips to improve your chances of winning sweepstakes prizes.

  1. Focus your effort.

If you look at any sweepstakes listing, you’d be overwhelmed at the sheer number of contests that you could possibly enter. Of course, it is understandable that you do have a life apart from entering sweepstakes draws so don’t force yourself to be part of all of it. It’s a good idea to focus your efforts on prizes that you really want to win. If you know it would be impractical to use a hot tub in your efficiency apartment or that you won’t be able to attend a concert across the country, don’t waste your time entering for those prizes. Instead, focus your energy on the giveaways with prizes you really want to win.

  1. Enter as many sweepstakes as possible and as frequently allowed.

If you enter just a single giveaway, pray that Lady Luck favours you so you can be picked as the winner – but don’t get mad if she doesn’t. However, if you enter hundreds of different prize competitions every month, the likelihood of a win soars, so try to enter as many different sweepstakes as you can. If it is also allowed to enter as often as possible, then take them up on it.

  1. Look for sweepstakes that restrict entries from other areas.

Different cities and areas are allowed to have their own rules governing sweepstakes. Because of this, some sponsors will prohibit entry from residents of particular areas. Entering sweepstakes where certain areas are excluded means that the number of people who can enter is much lower. Less competition means higher chances for you, so keep an eye out for these sweeps.

  1. Prioritize sweeps with age or gender restrictions.

Some sponsors restrict entry by specific age ranges or genders. For example, most sweepstakes allow entry by people over 18 years of age, but some restrict entry to 21+, or even 25+. If you are above 25 years of age, these restrictions cut down your competition and increase your odds. Similarly, if only women are allowed to enter a contest, you’ll only have to worry about competition from about half of the population.

  1. Search out local sweepstakes.

Some sweepstakes are only open to a restricted area, such as a single city or even a specific store location. Local sweepstakes are a treasure trove for contest hunters, since the number of entries is usually a mere fraction of the entries received by national sweeps. Enter every local sweepstakes that you can find!

  1. Highlight short entry periods.

Some sweepstakes have entry periods of only a week or two, while others last a year or more. The longer the sweepstakes’ entry period is, the more people will find and join it. Since many people ignore sweepstakes that are only available for a limited time, then that is your cue to enter it because your chances to win will grow.

  1. Look for more complicated type of sweeps.

Sometimes, sweepstakes might require you to answer trivia questions, fill out a survey, or collect some coupons. While this might slow down your entry time, many other entrants will also get frustrated and give up. Look at it in a positive way because less entries mean better chances for you to win.

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