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Jetstar Giveaway Winner Mary-anne Yardley

Jetstar - $1,000 Giveaway (AU) by Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd Open date: 24/06/2014 09:00 Close date: 28/08/2014 15:00 Draw date: 29/08/2014 11:00 Winner 1st Prize: Mary-anne Yardley in QLD Congratulations to Mary-anne Yardley of QLD who has won back the value of her order! It was a very pleasant surprise for Mary Anne Yardley from Queensland when she won the Jetstar $1000 Giveaway (AU) by Jetstar Pty Ltd that was just drawn last 29/08/2014. Mary-anne did not at first realize that her patronage of Australia’s third largest airline and a top five international airline would get her this prize bonus. Our winner did not realize that Jetstar (AU), Australia’s … Read More »

PINCHme Bonus Cash Winner Antonia Luscri

PINCHme - $250 Giveaway by PINCHme Australia Pty Ltd Open date: 30/06/2014 09:00 Close date: 28/08/2014 15:00 Draw date: 29/08/2014 11:00 Winner 1st Prize: Antonia Luscri in SA Congratulations to Antonia Luscri of SA who has won $250 cash! Antonia Luscri from South Australia got a fantastic and wonderful treat when she won the PINCHme $250 giveaway cash by PINCHme Australia Pty Ltd promoted by Competition Crazy and was drawn on 29/08/2014. The competition ran in just under two months, from 30/06/2014 to 28/08/2014. When Antonia joined PINCHme she did not yet imagine the great deal she was getting. She filled out the online form which promised to … Read More »

Jetsetting with Peh Peirong Winner of $1,000 Giveaway (SG) by Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd

Jetstar - $1,000 Giveaway (SG) by Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd Open date: 24/06/2014 09:00 Close date: 28/08/2014 15:00 Draw date: 29/08/2014 11:00 Winner 1st Prize: Peh Peirong in West Congratulations to Peh Peirong in West, who has won back the value of her order! Can you imagine how wonderful it is to get back the amount of money you already spent? Yes, it’s an amazing experience! That’s what happened to Peh Peirong in West when she won back her payment as she received the 1st prize of the Jetstar $1000 Giveaways (SG) by Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd, Asia’s biggest network of value-based carriers providing all day every day … Read More »

Win Free Stuff Online

If you want to win great stuff online you have to know where and how to get it.  There are many Australian online competitions out there that are legitimate and give away all sorts of great items. Many companies are more than willing to promote their products. They shelve out large amounts of money, large budgets to finance their advertising and promotional activities to attract more consumers. These free stuffs are available online for the taking by anyone who is willing to be patient, take chances, join, and participate in any online competition he chooses. Some tips to win free stuff online: Search … Read More »

More Helpful Tips Finding Free Stuff Online

The internet has opened up a whole new way of life to our generation. Just a few years ago many things were done a little bit differently. From getting in touch with our families, getting our news and information, how we play our games, to paying our bills, even how we take our photos and how we interact with other people. Now we have email, Instagram, online news, online games, ebanking, wiki, Facebook, Tweeter, and all sorts of social media. And all this is done in an instant with only a touch or two on a screen of one little … Read More »

Tips to Find Free Stuff for Your Baby

Getting free stuff for your baby is always exciting and you can always find places giving away baby products for free. In malls, supermarkets and the internet, companies are constantly giving away baby stuff to promote their companies and merchandise to attract customers and gain loyalty from parents to increase sales and increase their share of the baby product market. The idea is once the parents are able to see or use and experience the product that are being promoted, it will help decide how great the item is for their child to have and use, and it will help entice … Read More »

Win Giveaways – Best Way To Sell Products Online

Let’s do a small discussion on giveaways. Before we discuss our topic in detail we would like to make those readers aware of this term who are not used to of online shopping. Giveaways are basically gift items that are given for free by marketers who run online stores to generate amazing results for their company. Sometimes giveaways are termed as sweepstakes and come with a hope to increase their target audience. Giveaways are quick tactics used by companies that run online business to attract the buyers in huge amount. When they know that the primary stuff that is put on … Read More »

Tips for Getting Free Stuff Online

Have you maximized the use of your internet connection? Why not try getting free stuff online, and maybe you’ll get the hang of it. Availing these opportunities can help you get all sorts of great merchandise, even delivered right in front of your doorstep. Just to mention one benefit among many, if you sum-up the benefits it can bring you will realize that the value of these products can offset the cost of your internet connection. Yes, it will practically pay for itself, plus-plus and then some. Here is a list of free things you can get on the internet: Free Music … Read More »

Win An Ipad Or Ipad Mini

Win an iPad or iPad mini Empowered Communications this 2014! Even if you already own one, you sure won’t be able to resist owning one of the best inventions in the history of humankind especially if it is for free! Just go to the competition page and follow the instructions. Make sure you submit your entry during the promotional period which is until July 22, 2014. This competition is organized as a Trade Promotion Lottery that provides members an equal chance of winning the prize draw when they enter the competition. Draw date is on July 22, 2014 at 11:15 AM at … Read More »

Win A Share In $2,000 Worth Of Prizes

This competition is open until August 26, 2014. All you have to do is follow the instructions from the competition page and that’s it! Supply the correct and complete information and you can win a $500 gift voucher from any of the following establishments: Apple Bunnings Coles / Myer David Jones Dick Smith Flight Centre JB Hifi Kmart Rebel Sports Red Balloon Virgin Holidays Westfield Woolworths All Australian residents 18 years old and over can join except for employees of Empowered Communications (promoter) and their family members. Draw date is on August 26, 2014 at Empowered Communications, Level 3, Building 10, 658 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia. Total prize pool is $2,000. You can … Read More »